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A Leading Provider of Science Enrichment & Tuition Programmes in Singapore

thinksmart Learning was founded in 2006 by ex-polytechnic lecturers with over 6 years of inquiry-based teaching experience. We conduct hands-on science workshops at various secondary schools and IP schools in Singapore. We also offer highly effective Chemistry, Physics and Math tuition classes at our learning centre to GCE 'O' Level and 'A' level students.

For a decade, we have been communicating complex scientific concepts to students in a manner that they can identify with, so that students find it easy to understand and apply their knowledge. We continuously introduce new, exciting experiments to expose students to wider disciplines or latest trends in Science.

Our programmes aim to develop and hone important 21st Century skills such as analyzing trends, postulating possible outcomes using limited information and justifying their choices.

Our proven assessment methods successfully ascertain students’ level of understanding and skills competency. Whether at the end of a fun-filled workshop or at the end of an intensive tuition lesson, students feel achieved and motivated because they can see themselves making significant progress over time. This spurs them to want to learn more and explore deeper, which subsequently leads to better academic performance.

Mission & Vision - thinksmart Learning Singapore


To enable students to analyze, infer and evaluate newly-acquired knowledge


Cutivating critical thinking and analytical skills

Learning Through Visible Thinking

Join our effective enrichment programs today to develop systematic thought processes & learn how you can apply knowledge contextually.

thinksmart Learning Singapore